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Richard Franks headshot Helped Stop the Incorporation of the Woodlands
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  • Former Chief Administrative Officer for Urbana, IL, responsible for all departments, the budget, federal contracts, and labor relations
  • Former Executive Vice President, General Manager, Dispatch Printing Company (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Managed metro and community media companies (including the Conroe Courier and The Woodlands Villager)


  • Chairman of the Management Committee for $200 million international horticultural expo
  • Chairman of the United Way Allocation Committee (Franklin County Ohio)
  • Board Member of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum, Franklin County Ohio
  • Previous Board Member, YMCA The Woodlands


  • Masters of Public Administration, University of Illinois
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  • Establish a President’s Council comprised of the Village Association President’s. This council would meet with current Township Board members regularly to open a more continuous dialogue between the board and residents.
  • Improve intergovernmental collaboration with county governments (Montgomery and Harris) as well as surrounding communities
  • Increase Township Board and Constituent communications with more transparency in the actions the board considers and takes